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Introducing Danielle RG - Creative Groundz Studio

Careworks is pleased to introduce Danielle RG, from Creative Groundz (a Careworks project in Lalor Park) and to offer her artworks for sale on the Careworks website.

Danielle is a local artist from Western Sydney. She has made appearances at a number of Fresh Hope events and has changed the way we view modern Christian art by developing prophetic paintings that depict the life of Jesus.

Danielle’s acrylic works consist of poetic and gracefully formed shapes that are at times boldly coloured but hang with perfect balance. Danielle’s works represent her fascination with God as well as the relationship between the life of Christ and His people. Danielle pursues her work on the basis of a deeply convicted faith that often resonates with traditional Christian themes, representing a strong spiritual dimension to her work.

The Creative Groundz studio has developed key synergies with Common Groundz Community Café (in Lalor Park) prioritising its key role in community engagement, partnership development, community building and promotional works. Art and creativity continues to be firmly embedded in both ministry and care activities of the café.

Through community art and ministry outreach, the studio supports new and existing artists, arts enthusiasts and community groups to play a more active role in transforming local social and built environments through its workshops, events and murals.

Through community art and care outreach, the studio provides a safe place for individuals in need to engage in a social and creative environment that supports them in times of need.

Through art, Creative Groundz aim’s to achieve the following outcomes: 

  • Enhanced social participation for individuals in community
  • Greater community cohesion and engagement
  • Increased vocational opportunities (volunteer)
  • Local community renewal and revitalisation
  • Greater opportunities for local artists

We thank you in advance for your support! Your donations and purchases of Danielle’s artwork are greatly appreciated and funds generated will be used to help run and support art programs in Lalor Park.

Please visit the Careworks website if you would like to purchase an artwork or to find out more.

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