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Fresh Hope Transformation - Part 1

Last E-News we introduced to you the newly formed Fresh Hope agency of Mission & Ministry, consisting of four strategic functional areas. This edition we will begin to unpack the first of the four areas – Fresh Hope Transformation. 

We believe that culture and society is best transformed through expressions of faith communities that offer fresh hope. Our desire is that this movement of churches are communities that express this Kingdom way with a Spirit led, grace enabled external focus that postures us as present and engaging in context.

In response to our beliefs and hopes, we intend to facilitate cohorts of churches that process their ethos, values and vision and subsequently collaborate to strategically position their church contextually for ongoing transformation and mission.  

The cohorts engage in reading, ministry exploration and facilitation over a 2-3 year period with a new group of churches beginning this year.

Our hope would be that every three years 5% of the fresh hope movement is trained and immersed in one of these cohorts, learning to navigate through the difficult seasons of conflict and/or ‘stuckness’ towards adaptive contextual mission, functional ecclesiology and value-based collaboration.

Naomi Giles, a leader of one of the churches in the recently launched cohort observed:

“The NationsHeart Transformers (as we like to call them!) came back from the first cohort refreshed, re-connected and with their ears and eyes open to God and each other. The team is paying attention to their own personal transformation and looking more deeply at how God is already moving in our church and community. As we look to the future we have taken encouragement from this word shared by one of our intercessors, 'My blessings over NationsHeart remain and my plans for its transformation into the church of my heart will become clear.'"

As part of the process, leaders emerging from these cohorts will be more able to mentor and facilitate transformation in other network churches. Available resources will be established where learning and development capacity are increased and flow over into future transformation cohorts.

We look forward to sharing Part 2 of Transformation with you next time!

John Crowther
Director | Fresh Hope Mission & Ministry

Nowra Church of Christ at the Transformational Church Retreat in July 2017.
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