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People in leadership need intentional renewal.

Ministry renewal groups have existed for over 30 years and now operate in many denominations and states. They are increasingly recognised as a significant influence for health by Australian church leaders. Together with Baptist Churches, we (Fresh Hope) offer Ministry Renewal Groups for those in ministry across our movement.

So, what are they designed for?

> to develop a positive and forward focus, bringing the life experience and character of the group members to focus on where God is taking us as individuals, and helping us in how to get there. 

> to develop "Christ-like Renewal" in each of our lives - foundations of personal health & growing Christ-likeness in a ministry context.

What is the process?

When you join a Ministry Renewal Group, you will be asked to commit to a three-year relationship, this will include one four-day retreat each year and several 'catch up' times per year. Each group will develop it's own covenant which forms a basis for expectations and directions, designed to achieve maximum benefit from the experience in a context of trust. 

Also, Ministry Renewal Group membership contributes four points per year for Ongoing Professional Development for Endorsed Ministers with Fresh Hope (Churches of Christ in NSW). 

Take it from someone who has taken part.. 

"Ministry Renewal Groups are an essential link for any minister or spouse to find support and growth outside of their ministry setting. As a willing participant, I've found that these groups provide a two-way ministry blessing" - Dr Andrew Ball, Executive Ministry Director, Fresh Hope

"The Renewal Group Process is one that is worth the time and effort. It is easy for me to believe that while good in theory, the time taken for my Renewal Group could be more productively spent elsewhere but in reality, there is no better place for me to be. These precious days each year, help me to connect with others who understand my life, yet are removed enough to give much needed perspective, and to reconnet with myself... it is time well spent." Edwina Blair, Coast Community Church.

Would you like more information?

You can download the brochure (below) or you can contact Leon Munro via email: