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Our Mission:

Transforming communities with fresh hope

Consistent with this mission we have 7 strategic priorities. These are:

Fresh Hope Transformation:

To model and lead a cohort of churches together in transformational living and to catalyse spiritual transformation.

Fresh Hope Leadership:

To train and equip courageous spiritual leaders capable of leading church communities, new kingdom outposts and ministries through transformational discipleship and mission.

Fresh Hope Venues:

To lead and manage Fresh Hope Venues as strategic assets across the movement.

Fresh Hope Care:

To care for the frail, ageing, disadvantaged and poor across our fresh hope networks with passion, dignity and respect.

Fresh Hope Structure:

To legally structure Churches of Christ in NSW intentionally for this current millennium to facilitate transformational communities of fresh hope.

Fresh Hope Resources:

To lead and manage Fresh Hope ministries and activities so that they model strategic resourcing across the movement.

Fresh Hope Communications:

To communicate information and stories of fresh hope to encourage frontiers for effective mission.