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Spiritual Transformation through Mentoring & Retreat

Spiritual Mentoring Training - Applications now open for 2018/2019 Cohort

Spiritual Mentoring is a ministry of equipping and walking alongside others in their deeper faith development.

- 6 Intensives (3 days each) over 2 years

- Optional academic recognition with ACOM at Undergraduate or Postgraduate levels.

Spiritual Mentoring & Transformation is designed to help ministry leaders learn how to live well. It is a place of safety, creating opportunities for transformational moments - for renewal, for reflection, and growth.

Spiritual transformation is about going deeper in your personal journey with God. Christian leaders often talk about the importance of spiritual transformation but find stillness in the presence of God difficult. Pursuing this through formation, meditation, and discipline will increase physical, emotional, and spiritual resilience -- inspiring healthy life-shaping patterns of thinking, feeling, doing, and being. This course is dedicated to creating moments where spiritual transformation can take place -- and help leaders turn these moments into a lifelong journey.

Sue Whiteley facilitates the Fresh Hope Spiritual Mentoring Training
E-mail: or to enquire or to receive an application form.