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A fresh take with eyes on the future

5 Jul, 2022

Recently we announced the change of our organisational brand identity and name from Fresh Hope Churches of Christ Community Care to Fresh Hope Communities.

This branding and identity process has been a three-year journey. It has involved our Executive Leadership Team, Board and staff representatives within each of our services. It has also involved key stakeholders reviewing our organisational values, branding and purpose statement. We worked with our Board Members and a creative agency to develop a new and dynamic brand identity that is modern and fresh and reflects who we are as an organisation and where we are headed.

Established by Churches of Christ in NSW over 80 years ago, the organisation has grown in both size and the services it provides to the communities in which it operates.

Identifying ourselves clearly as “Fresh Hope Communities” allows us to position ourselves in a way that makes it clear to those we engage with, who we are and what we are about – which is to cultivate belonging and places that feel like home.

We are pleased with the outcome and encouraged by the feedback we’ve received from staff, residents, their families and our guests and look forward to a bright future as Fresh Hope Communities.

Dan Dwyer
Chief Executive Officer