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A Place to Flourish at Green Hills Retirement Community

22 Feb, 2024

Late last year, Green Hills Retirement Community welcomed a new resident named Kathy.  

She moved into a villa on the 2nd floor, which meant that she didn’t have access to a garden of her own to maintain. As an avid gardener, Kathy asked if she could create a garden on the community grounds. Given her background and reason for moving to Green Hills, her request was granted, and the results were simply stunning. 

With Kathy going on holiday for a couple of weeks, she entrusted another resident, Annette, with the task of ensuring the garden continued to flourish while she was away. Although slightly nervous, Annette rose to the challenge and did an excellent job in Kathy’s absence. 

Due to the success of her first project and knowing Kathy’s passion for gardening, Trish Grainger, Community Manager at Green Hills, gave her another gardening project which she readily accepted. With the help of gardener Craig, Kathy has started creating another garden bed. 

Thank you to Kathy for your labour of love. We cannot wait to see the final outcome and have no doubt it will be something that all the residents, staff and visitors will be able to admire and enjoy for a long time to come.