Our Story

Simply Christians: A Journey of Spiritual Transformation. A reflection on the values of Churches of Christ in NSW and ACT.

Every family has its own unique stories. Stories of happiness and pain. Stories of hardship, growth and joy. These stories are formative and reflect who we are and what we value. For the Churches of Christ the formative stories of our family go back centuries. We have been shaped by those who have gone before us. Inheriting traits and practices that influence who we are today. You can read more by downloading our story below.

The Church of Christ Story (133kb)

Our Mission

Transforming Communities and Lives with Fresh Hope


Our Ethos

We spiritually lead people to pursue God and discover their destiny in God’s kingdom.

Our Strategic Priorities

Fresh Hope Transformation

To model and lead a cohort of churches together in transformational living and to catalyse spiritual transformation.

Fresh Hope Pioneering

To intentionally stimulate innovative faith communties in pioneering contexts.


Fresh Hope Leadership

To train and equip courageous spiritual leaders capable of leading church communities, new kingdom outposts and ministries through transformational discipleship and mission.


Fresh Hope Resources

To lead and manage Fresh Hope ministries and activities so that they model strategic resourcing across the movement.

Fresh Hope Venues

To lead and manage Fresh Hope Venues as strategic assets across the movement.


Fresh Hope Communications

To communicate information and stories of fresh hope to encourage frontiers for effective mission.

Fresh Hope Care

To care for the frail, ageing, disadvantaged and poor across our fresh hope networks with passion, dignity and respect.

Our leaders

Daz Farrell

Executive Ministry Director

Daniel Dwyer

Chief Executive Officer, Church of Christ Community Care


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