Professional Conduct

Professional conduct

Churches of Christ in NSW requires all ministering persons employed across local churches and ministries to become voluntary subscribers to a “Code of Conduct” with respect to their ministry. Should you have a serious complaint of misconduct against an employee (who is a ministering person) then you can refer this matter to our professional standards unit. Only qualified ministry personnel are covered by the Code of Conduct. All concerns with respect to volunteers in local churches, should be addressed to the local church concerned.

Churches should be places where each person, whether adult or child, feels safe.

We expect our ministers to be people of integrity and for this reason each minister of Churches of Christ in NSW is required to agree to, sign and be held accountable to a Code of Conduct. This Code deals with areas of misconduct and the management of inappropriate behaviour.

A Professional Standards Unit (PSU) exists to manage this Code. Any person who has a complaint about a minister in an area of misconduct has the right to make a confidential complaint. For further information about the Code or the PSU, you can email the co-ordinator here [email protected]

PSU Brochure


Safe Ministry

Fresh Hope in NSW and the ACT is committed to helping our ministries and our churches to be safe for all people. We support our ministries through providing information about safe ministry and we facilitate safe ministry training for ministers and workers across local ministries.  

See our Safe Ministry section

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