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Aged Care Employee Day 2023

7 Aug, 2023

Today is Aged Care Employee Day 2023. The day recognises the more than 427,000 residential care, home care and retirement living staff who care for over 1.5 million older Australians. This group represents nurses, personal care workers, allied health professionals to lifestyle coordinators, hospitality teams, drivers, cooks, cleaners, administration staff and so many more. 

This is a significant day for us at Fresh Hope Communities to celebrate and acknowledge because our Care staff are the heartbeat of our organisation. 

Not only do they provide high quality care day in and day out to our residents across residential care, respite and retirement communities, they do it with compassion, kindness and optimism. 

So on behalf of the Board, the Exec Team and all of us at Fresh Hope Communities, I’d like to extend our gratitude.  

Thank you for your dedication, your spirit of excellence and enthusiasm. We thank you for your kindness and gentleness, your humour and your empathy toward all in your care.  

Whatever role you play in bringing care to our communities, we thank you and appreciate all you do. 

By Sarah Ramsey

General Manager Residential Care Services

Fresh Hope Communities