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The Fresh Hope Mission & Ministry (M&M) Team exists to engage in relational environments where ministry and mission leaders, systems and strategies can be courageously aligned contextually with the redemptive purpose of Christ and his Kingdom so that future generations pursue life with God.


We believe that culture and society is best transformed through expressions of the church (faith communities) that offer fresh hope. Our desire and heart is that this movement of churches shifts dramatically from an internal to an external focus capable of being present and engaging in context.

We intend to facilitate cohorts of churches that process their ethos, values and vision and subsequently collaborate to strategically position their church contextually for ongoing transformation and mission.

We intend to be a transformational ‘nonanxious presence’ team that has safe and skilled hands, capable of building bridge in covenantal environments that are rigorous enough to ask the healthy questions, from the simple technical to the more complex issues of ethos and theology.

Southpoint Ministry Network

Southpoint is a ministry network functioning across Australia designed to link Christians who are committed to pursuing God’s agenda. Southpoint is unique in focus. It intentionally inspires spiritual leaders who desire to advance God’s Kingdom across the nation through strategic partnerships that catalyse spiritual transformation.

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We believe that leadership in the Kingdom of God is essentially spiritual. Consequently we seek to create spiritual leadership pathways or pipelines to equip and train leaders across the generations in the practice and art of spiritual leadership. We intend to identify, raise and release mature spiritual leaders across the generations towards their Kingdom destiny to continue the spiritual battle for the restoration of all humanity and creation.

We intend to catalyse flexible environments that engage cohorts of leaders to sharpen their skills, deepen their theology, engage their relationships, and build their spiritual leadership capacity.

Navigate Leadership

Fresh Hope provides spiritual leadership pathways to suit all ages and life paces, designed for those who desire a deeper Kingdom life.

“Our movement is passionate about men and women who sense they are called by God to live courageously for Him and His Kingdom. Fresh Hope Spiritual Leadership Pathways are a vital step in providing spiritual leadership and training experiences to equip you to be a transformational person, wherever God leads you in life. We believe that leadership is caught and taught, and that’s why we have combined real life experiences; personal formation and formal tertiary studies to enable you to be in the best position to shape a life of spiritual influence. If you have an open heart and hands and a desire to serve, then this experience is for you.”

— John Crowther
Director | Fresh Hope
Mission & Ministry

Please download the brochure for details on each of training streams or click on the video links to find out more

Youth and Young Adults

Fresh Hope Youth (Youth Vision NSW) exists to develop, resource and empower the network of youth and young adult ministries within the Fresh Hope movement.

We are passionate about seeing effective ministry to youth and by youth for the transformation of their community with the message of fresh hope that is found in Jesus. We seek to do this by partnering with local leaders and churches across our movement to create events, training, networks and resources that bring about fresh hope.

Currently we hold the following events for youth and young adults:

  • FUSE: Held twice a year and is an opportunity for Youth Ministries from across the Sydney region to come together
  • UPRISING: A camp for Next Gen Leaders
  • DRASTIC: 5 day camp for High Schoolers
  • Youth Pastors & Youth Leadership Conference: 3 day retreat for Youth Pastors and Youth Leaders

For details or bookings visit our events page.

Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring is a ministry of equipping and walking alongside others in their deeper faith development.

  • 6 Intensives (3 days each) over 2 years
  • Optional academic recognition with ACOM at Undergraduate or Postgraduate levels.

Spiritual Mentoring & Transformation is designed to help ministry leaders learn how to live well. It is a place of safety, creating opportunities for transformational moments – for renewal, for reflection, and growth.

Spiritual transformation is about going deeper in your personal journey with God. Christian leaders often talk about the importance of spiritual transformation but find stillness in the presence of God difficult. Pursuing this through formation, meditation, and discipline will increase physical, emotional, and spiritual resilience — inspiring healthy life-shaping patterns of thinking, feeling, doing, and being. This course is dedicated to creating moments where spiritual transformation can take place — and help leaders turn these moments into a lifelong journey.

Sue Whiteley facilitates the Fresh Hope Spiritual Mentoring Training

E-mail: or to enquire or to receive an application form.

Applications for 2018/2019 Cohort is closed


We believe that it is urgent for Fresh Hope to pioneer new and innovating expressions of church immediately. We also believe that our resources should stimulate mission (as opposed to maintenance) with proactive endeavours to encourage growth.

We intend to “Go”; to begin new, adventurous and transformative expressions of Gospel communities as Kingdom signposts and outposts; being the church in the world, the light in the dark, the salt of the earth that God called her to be (Matthew 5:13-15).

We intend to develop an environment where care, justice and mercy thrive within mission & ministry in order to have a reputation that is outrageously generous, as well as significantly contributing to the sustainability of a healthy society and our environment.

Working in relationship with Fresh Hope Mission & Ministry and Global Mission Partners to promote and mobilise ambassadors and teams in the Fresh Hope family to resource expressions of care and innovation.

Fresh Hope Engage

Fresh Hope Engage is a Fresh Hope initiative that provides community care across NSW and the ACT.

Fresh Hope Engage, formerly known as ‘Careworks’, is a part of Churches of Christ Community Care in NSW and works closely in partnership with local Churches of Christ to provide care and support to vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community

Fresh Hope Engage is a Deductible Gift Recipient and raises funds for the direct relief of poverty, suffering, distress, misfortune, disability or helplessness in the community.

Fresh Hope Engage acts as an auspicing body for these projects to seek and receive government funding and provide a legal framework for them to operate within.

Fresh Hope Engage partners engage in a variety of community development projects such as men’s sheds, a crisis centre for women and children, homeless street feeds, drop in centres, counselling centres, foodbanks, op shops, disaster relief etc

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We believe that our Fresh Hope Resource Centre in Rhodes is suitably able and equipped to add substantial resources to the local church, and intend to offer our services in helpful and cost effective ways. We intend to provide agile and adaptive support for the administrative and operational components of churches relationally connected to the Fresh Hope Network. We intend to oversee the events, communication and resources of Fresh Hope to serve the network.

Fresh Hope Members

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