Alongside with Leon

Article by Naomi Giles, Chair of Mission & Ministry Board Leon Munro carries the encouragement and the presence of God to ministry leaders across NSW and the ACT.  His warmth and grace exudes through his smile and embrace as he gives deeply of himself to support... read more

Christmas Message from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,  As we come to the end of another year within Fresh Hope, we are optimistically poised to engage the new year with a sense of rigour and passion. We are working hard to improve our resources and interface for local churches through the development of a... read more

Navigate Adventure Trek to India

At the end of each year, our Navigate Adventure students set off on a two week ‘extreme trek’. This is their last intensive together for the year. Partnering with Global Mission Partners (GMP), we hope to expose them to a different culture and to challenge the way... read more