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Fresh Hope appoints new board

5 Sep, 2022

This is an update on the recent developments in the overarching governance of Churches of Christ Community Care, trading as Fresh Hope Communities.   

Conference Executive of churches of Christ in NSW (the peak representative governing board) has responsibility for the appointment of the Churches of Christ Community Care (“Fresh Hope Communities”) Board. Conference Executive has been progressing through a process of recruitment and appointment of a capability-based faith and values-aligned Board to oversee Fresh Hope Communities. Of particular importance in this process was ensuring that the requisite capabilities for the oversight of governance of aged care (in line with the Royal Commission recommendations and increasing oversight in the sector by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission).   

Candidates were sought with capability and experience in not-for-profit oversight and governance, people and culture, finance, legal, regulatory compliance, and aged care oversight.   

We are pleased to be able to provide you an update on behalf of Victor Tee, President of churches of Christ in NSW & ACT, on the appointment of the Fresh Hope Communities Board.   

As of 1 September 2022, the Fresh Hope Communities Board comprises of the following individuals:   

  • Raewyn Williams [Chair]   
  • Alana Cooper   
  • Dan Dwyer [Chief Executive Officer, Fresh Hope Communities]   
  • Daz Farrell [Executive Ministry Director, churches of Christ in NSW and ACT]   
  • Elaine Griffin  
  • Chris Grover 
  • Tracy Harding  
  • Steven Toomey
  • Kirryn Zerna   

Fresh Hope Communities Board Terms are a mix of 2- and 3-year appointments to ensure appropriate continuity and succession planning.   

We welcome the wide variety of insight, leadership, and expertise these individuals will bring to our organisation. We believe their guidance will help us in our decision-making and will contribute to not just building on the legacy of Churches of Christ Community Care and churches of Christ NSW & ACT but also positioning Fresh Hope Communities for the future.   

Please join me in welcoming our Fresh Hope Communities Board.   

Dan Dwyer  
Chief Executive Officer