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Diwali comes to Ashwood Residential Care Service

7 Dec, 2023

Ashwood Residential Care Service once again had the opportunity to celebrate Diwali with residents and staff.  

Residential Care Manager Anjee Seeckun said, “Diwali is the Festival of Lights, which is all about sharing food, joy, and happiness. We have many residents and staff who celebrate Diwali as their cultural practice so we thought it would be a great opportunity to celebrate this festival with our residents and increase the joyous spirit.” 

After the success of last year’s celebrations, the event was highly anticipated, and residents and staff began preparing their traditional outfits days ahead.  

Both Shaw House and Crawford residents gathered with staff in their respective areas to create Diwali decorations, lights, posters, and flower garlands to create an atmosphere of colour and celebration.  

On the day of the celebration, residents and staff wore their traditional outfits and the tables were decorated with Diwali placemats and laden with delicious food and sweets to share with each other, accompanied by Diwali music playing in the background. 

Traditional food was also prepared onsite for the residents who celebrate Diwali, and staff members even performed dances for the residents to enjoy. 

Anjee shared, “It was a moment of bliss and happiness that I could see amongst everyone, and the best part was to see the residents dancing with staff. One resident said that she had not worn her traditional outfit for years, and she was thrilled that she could wear it on that day.” 

As an organisation that exists to create spaces that cultivate belonging and places that feel like home, it’s important that where possible, we endeavour to mark the festivals and cultural traditions that allow our residents and staff to feel seen and valued.