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Fresh Hope Communities Position Statement: NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying Act

28 Nov, 2023

The Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) Act 2022, which outlines legislation whereby a health practitioner provides assistance to a person to end their life, was passed through NSW Parliament on 19 May 2022. The legislation comes into effect from 28 November 2023 after an 18-month implementation period.

As the welfare and Public Benevolent Institution entity of churches of Christ in NSW and ACT, Fresh Hope Communities holds a deep respect and reverence for all human life. This pro-life view is held on a biblical, theological and philosophical basis.

Fresh Hope Communities acknowledges the nuanced complexities that arise for persons nearing end of life. In alignment and support of our pro-life position, Fresh Hope Communities does not provide services related to Voluntary Assisted Dying at any of its facilities.

Fresh Hope Communities is committed to providing quality care with kindness, compassion and understanding to all our residents.