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Green Hills celebrates at its Family and Friends Open Day

27 May, 2024

Fresh Hope Communities’ redeveloped residential care service in East Maitland, opened its doors at its Friends and Family Open Day on Saturday. 

Billed as a celebration for families and friends of residents and staff, over 300 people came to enjoy the day and there was something for everyone, with free food, live music and entertainment, a petting zoo and arts & crafts for the kids.  

The ceremony opened with a Welcome to Country by Uncle Les of the Wonnarua people and a warm welcome to residents, families and guests by the Mayor of Maitland Philip Penfold.

An address by Fresh Hope Communities’ Board Chair, Raewyn Williams highlighted the long history of the organisation’s operations in Maitland. “We have a long history in Aged Care and are clear-eyed about how complex this can be, but sometimes it’s the harder things in life that are really worth doing; and the challenging situations the ones where we discover what our best looks like & what we’re truly capable of.”  

While this was the official opening, current residents transitioned to the brand new 158-bed development in January which offers a contemporary multi-level residential care facility that incorporates a new model of care in non-institutional ‘household’ environment.  

Sarah Ramsey, General Manager of Residential Care Services shared further, “Fundamentally, the Household Model is not just a care approach; it’s a way of being—a commitment to improving the quality of life for our residents by creating a home, not just a place to live.”  

Vanessa, the daughter of 87-year-old June, can attest to this. “Looking at mum today, you’d never know how hard her life has been. In all honesty, if it wasn’t for this place, Green Hills and Fresh Hope Communities, we wouldn’t have her today. This place has made her come alive.”   

Accommodating 15-16 rooms within each household, the emphasis is on providing premium care while fostering independence and enhancing the quality of life. 

Fresh Hope Communities CEO Daniel Dwyer shared, “This place, it’s not just about a great structure, it’s about what the structure, the building offers people, our residents, our staff and many of you here today—friends, family, key community contributors. It has been fantastic to hear the reports from residents who have moved in. There is a real sense of connection in this place—of residents to staff, residents to one another and the beautiful landscape. We’re very proud of what we’ve been able to deliver here and it’s our hope that we will continue to provide a place that feels like home for many years to come.”