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If these hands could speak

24 Jun, 2024

If our hands could speak, they may tell stories of those we cared for and embraced, the meals we prepared (with the burn scars to go with it), the gardens we tended (and the thorns that grazed them), the places we travelled, the letters we’ve written (ink stains to prove it) or the music we’ve played. They may tell of the hands we held and the ones we had to let go of.  

At Borella House, staff are intentional about finding meaningful ways to make the special days special and recently found a way to tell these stories. 

Nicole Waite shared about an activity they embarked upon for Mother’s Day.Our goal this year was to create a more personalised experience for Mother’s Day, aiming to make it truly meaningful for our residents.”  

As they researched ideas, they discovered a concept known as ‘These Hands,’ which featured a picture of an individual’s hands accompanied by a poem.  

Using this as inspiration, the team decided to further personalise this idea by asking each resident a series of questions and inputting their responses into AI software, ChatGPT, that then generated a unique poem for each resident.  

Accompanying photos were given careful consideration with some residents opting for just their hands while others chose to include items of personal significance as well. 

Nicole said the final outcome was wonderful and something that really resonated with each of the residents that took part.  

“The staff and residents were thrilled with the results. It was simply a beautiful collection of images that authentically reflected the individuality of each resident.” 

Being able to do something that fosters a point of personal connection and conversation and gives residents a chance to reminisce about important moments in their lives helps residents to feel seen and valued.