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International Nurses Day

12 May, 2023

Today is International Nurses Day, which is marked each year on the birthdate of Florence Nightingale—known as the founder of modern nursing.  

This year’s theme, Our Nurses. Our Future. recognises the critical role nurses play in addressing future global health challenges and improve global health for all. It also highlights the policy actions governments and employers must take to create and sustain health care systems that are safe, affordable, accessible, and responsive. 

While the World Health Organisation’s Secretary General earlier this week declared the Covid-19 pandemic no longer a public health emergency of international concern, there’s no doubt that it has left an indelible mark, reshaped societies and has had huge ramifications, particularly on our sector. 

Yet as we continue to deal with the very real challenges presented by a post-pandemic world, at Fresh Hope Communities our nurses and care staff continue to be shining examples of what it means to truly care for the vulnerable amongst us.  

So I want to take a moment to honour our nursing and care staff across Fresh Hope Communities. 

Thank you for the passion. 

Thank you for your commitment. 

Thank you for the quality care you provide. 

Thank you for your compassion. 

Thank you for your strength. 

Thank you for your hard work. 

Thank you for your kindness. 

Thank you for your optimism. 

Thank you for your integrity. 

Thank you for facilitating connection. 

Thank you for creating a sense of home. 

Thank you for all you do. 

By Dan Dwyer 

CEO, Fresh Hope Communities