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Magnolia Tree Finds a Home at Magnolia Cottage

22 Sep, 2023

Magnolia Cottage social support group was established in 2002, and has had a few homes over the years, including a demountable in the rear of the Churches of Christ building in Illaroo road, and also at Clelland Lodge for a short time, before finding its perfect home in Halcot Avenue, North Nowra.   

During this time, Magnolia Cottage has never had a namesake Magnolia tree, until now.   

Clients and staff recently visited the local Bunnings and picked out a lovely evergreen, Port Wine Magnolia. With many of the clients enjoying the sun and help from one of the clients, Bob, the Magnolia was planted. The garden club have now taken over the care and maintenance of the tree. 

As the fledgling tree settles into its new home and roots begin to run deep, it’s hoped that the stunning deep purple blooms will cover the tree in the not-too-distant future and be admired by all who come to Magnolia Cottage.