A ministry is a place of worship, a community hub and a place where we come to share our love of God.  Your ministry may also extend beyond your church buildings as you reach out to support the broader community.

As you go about daily ministry it is a reality, that despite best efforts, accidents and incidents can happen including:

  • damage to church buildings or other church properties
  • theft of or damage to church belongings
  • injury to ministry staff and volunteers
  • injury to the public participating in events or activities
  • accusations of inappropriate conduct.

What insurance cover does the church need?

As a church leader it is important to have adequate insurance cover to protect people and property.  Each church will have different insurance needs, but you might consider:

Protecting church property

Industrial Special Risks insurance protects against damage to church buildings or loss of church property.   

Protecting church staff

Workers Compensation Insurance is compulsory insurance to protect ministry workers if they suffer work-related illness or injury

Protecting volunteers

Volunteers need to be insured against personal injury and accidents when working for your ministry.

Protecting the community

If a member of the broader community is injured or their property is damaged Public Liability Insurance protects them, if they need to make a claim.

Other types of insurance

Other insurance that you might need to consider for your ministry includes, professional indemnity insurance, travel insurance and motor vehicle insurance.

Where can I get advice on insurance?

AON Australia is the preferred insurance broker for Fresh Hope. AON can work with you to ensure that you have the right cover you need for your ministry.

Our Fresh Hope Group Risk and Compliance team is also here to guide and support you.  You can contact us by phone or email. 

Insurance resources

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AON Australia Insurance

AON Australia insurance products and information for not-for-profit organisations.

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AON Australia Not-For-Profit Guide

AON Australia insurance guide for NFP organisations.

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