Property Trust

The Churches of Christ Property Trust – or Property Trust– works with the Conference Executive of Churches of Christ in New South Wales to support the good governance and stewardship of Fresh Hope property resources.

The Property Trust is the owner of church property and acts as trustee for affiliated churches under the terms of Churches of Christ in New South Wales Incorporation Act 1947 (the 1947 Act).

The Property Trust holds church property on trust and for the benefit of individual churches and Churches of Christ agencies.

Property Trust services

Property Trust provides investments, loans and other services to our affiliated churches.

It is important that you contact the Property Trust as the first step for any property related project you are undertaking.

The Property Trust supports churches with:

  • Investments
  • Property loans (buying land, alterations, additions etc.)
  • Property sales and purchases
  • Leasing and licensing
  • Property projects and building contracts
  • Sponsoring and assistance with government grant applications
  • Signing development/construction certificate applications and other forms
  • Guidance on convening church special meetings
  • Fire Safety information and signing fire safety statements
  • Administration of estate and trust funds
  • Registration of churches with the Trust and appointment of the Trust as trustee
  • Safe custody of certificates of title, contracts, plans and other documents.

Who is the Property Trust?

The Trust (ABN 73 068 989 953) is a perpetual, “legal person” constituted and incorporated under the 1947 Act.  Amongst other things, the 1947 Act sets out the purpose and powers of the Trust; its relationship to Conference; and other matters – for example – the process for churches passing special resolutions.

The Trust (board) consists of up to nine members each elected by Conference for nine-year terms.

Since local churches and the Conference are seen to be a collection of individuals, it is necessary to have a trustee or trustees to hold property and to enter into contracts.

Contact the Trust for information about the board meeting schedule and agenda submission requirements (including agenda, “cut-off” dates).

Property Trust resources

Investments by churches

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Application Form for Investment in the Fund (PDF)

Application form for churches to invest in the Fresh Hope Investment Fund

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Application Form for Additional Investment (PDF)

Application for churches to add funds to the Fresh Hope Investment Fund

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Application Form for Withdrawal from Investment Fund (PDF)

Application form to withdraw from the Fresh Hope Investment Fund

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Investment Fund Offer Document (PDF)

Offer document to accept investments into the Fresh Hope Investment Fund

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Special Investor Interest Rate Policy (PDF)

Policy outlining the special investor interest rate for churches with loans

Loans to churches

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Fund Interest Rates

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Fund Loan Application

Convening church meetings

There are steps that you should follow if you need to convene a church meeting to consider a proposed special resolution.  

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Steps for Convening a Church Meeting (PDF)

1947 ACT section 23 extract

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