Church buildings are places where our Fresh Hope communities come together to live and grow in the spirit of God.

Whether you’re starting your pioneering journey, or your ministry is growing, you may find yourself involved in the sale, purchase, refurbishment or development of church buildings.

While this might seem daunting, our Fresh Hope Property Services team is here to give you the advice and assistance you’ll need to successfully manage and maintain your church property.

Building your ministry

At Fresh Hope we can support you through the process of buying, selling, extending or refurbishing a church property.  This may look different for each church and could include things such as:

  • building extensions
  • small to large scale construction projects
  • refurbishment of existing church facilities
  • upgrades to church buildings to meet legal requirements.

Our experienced consultants work regularly with churches and not-for-profit organisations and will support you through each phase of your project.  We also have tailored resources to support you with:

  • legal and compliance requirements
  • financial requirements
  • planning and development
  • building and construction.

Buying or selling church property

Buying or selling a church property can be a complex process involving everything from securing finance, to council regulations, legal reports and compliance.

Our property team understands that you may not have previous experience in buying or selling church property.  That is why our experienced team is here to support and guide you along the way.    

Who owns church property?

Certificates of Title for churches’ and Conference ministries’ properties are held and managed by the Churches of Christ Property Trust.

Where do I start?

Before you start it is important to contact the Churches of Christ Property Trust. The Property Trust can advise you on:

  • how to apply for approval to buy or sell a church property
  • how to apply for a property loan, if one is needed
  • which documents must be signed by the Trust
  • bid and payment authorisation for property at auction
  • GST claims back to the Trust.

You will also need to nominate and appoint church members who have authority to act and make decisions.

Property resources

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Selling a Church Property Checklist (PDF)

Checklist for ministries when selling a church property

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Buying a Church Property Checklist (PDF)

Checklist for ministries when buying a church property

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NSW Planning Portal

Information about your property, zoning, building height, permissible development types etc

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NSW Spatial Services, Six Map

NSW government online mapping tool, property plans and lot details

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Local Councils

Development Control Plans (DCP), Local Environmental Plan (LEP), zoning maps

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