At Fresh Hope, our commitment to expressing the love of Christ leads to the view that all people should be able to live and work in an environment that is safe and free from abuse or harm of any kind. We aim to resource all our churches and agencies with effective solutions to minimise harm, promote healthy culture and prioritise safe environments.

Our Fresh Hope ministers are expected to be people of integrity and as such are held accountable to our Code of Conduct.

Safe Ministry training

At Fresh Hope we facilitate safe ministry training across all our ministries focusing on the protection of children and vulnerable people.

Working with Children Check

A Working with Children Check is a requirement for people who work or volunteer in child-related work.  Each Fresh Hope church is expected to take steps to ensure that workers have a WWCC and are cleared to work with children.

How to apply for a WWCC

Step 1.  Complete the application form online at Working with Children Check
Step 2.     Take your application number and proof of identity to a Service NSW office or motor registry
Step 3.  Pay the $80 fee.  (the WWCC is free for volunteers)
Step 4.    Endorsed ministers and SRE teachers must record the WWCC on the Fresh Hope Ministry Portal, where it will be verified before endorsing for ministry

Church WWCC compliance

The Office of the Children’s Guardian WWCC Employers Guide has information on what is expected to meet your obligation as a child safe organisation.  


It is a requirement that churches verify and keep an accurate register of WWCCs for all ministers, children’s workers, youth workers, elders, board members and staff.

The register must include:

  • full name (including first, middle and last name)
  • date of birth
  • WWCC number
  • verification date (the date you verified them)
  • verification outcome (clearance, barred, interim barred or not found)
  • expiry date (when the WWC number expires)
  • status of the worker (paid or volunteer)

Fresh Hope also recommends that any adults occupying a church manse located adjacent to children’s or youth activities be required to submit a WWCC for verification.


Any person who has complaint against a minister, in an area of misconduct, can contact our Professional Standards Unit (PSU)

If you have a concern about a minister you can call, write or email the PSU. All dealings with the PSU are undertaken confidentially, with respect and sensitivity.

Safe Ministry resources


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Working with Children Recordkeeping

Sample WWCC register template

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Working with Children Check

How to apply for a Working with Children Check

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WWCC compliance program

Information for employers and self-employed in child related work

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Working with Children Checklist

A WWCC checklist for employers

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Office of the Children’s Guardian

NSW government agency that promotes that works to protect children

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Code of Conduct

Fresh Hope Code of Conduct for Ministers

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