The Fresh Hope Ministry Portal is a place where local ministry leaders and staff including ministers, administrators, treasurers and celebrants can quickly and securely update and manage personal and ministry information.  

Members can also submit evidence that supports minister endorsement and safe church compliance requirements.

What can I do in the Ministry Portal?

Depending on your role within the ministry you can:

  • submit and manage personal details
  • submit and manage contact details for, and information about, the local ministry
  • assign and manage roles for members within your local ministry
  • submit compliance checks for verification e.g. Working with Children Check or Police Check.
  • record and monitor Ongoing Professional Development (OPD).
  • receive alerts and reminders from our Fresh Hope Mission & Ministry team.

How to register

Before you start, check with your local ministry if you need to access to the portal.

It’s just a few steps to register for an account. 

Step 1.  Go to
Step 2.  Click on Create Account
Step 3.  Enter your details and create your password
Step 4. Click Create Account
Step 5. Go to your email account to complete your registration

Once our Mission and Ministry team verifies your registration you can access the portal.

Have an account?

If you’ve already signed up to the Ministry Portal you can login below.


Find church resources, update your personal, staff and ministry details, record your OPD and submit your compliance checks.


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