We overcome by the blood of the lamb and the power of our testimony (Rev 12:11). We pray that our stories of transformation will encourage and energise you in your transformation journey with Christ; individually and in your spheres of influence.

Vale Kevin Crawford

Kevin Crawford exercised leadership within Churches of Christ throughout Australia from the time he entered Woolwich Bible College in 1955 to his retirement at the close of 1991. His first full time ministry was at Caringbah (1958–1961) as successor to E.C....

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Be Part of a breakthrough this Christmas

Global Mission Partners wishes to thank Fresh Hope Pastors and Churches for their support for global mission this year.   Our wonderful volunteers have packaged up and sent this year’s COCOA Christmas Offering envelopes.  Each envelope includes a few lines to write a...

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What, you may ask, is RRR? RRR (or 3R) was formed to provide connection, mutual support and encouragement especially to explore and move ministry retirees to new avenues of serving the Lord. RRR—retired, refreshed, refired comes from Caleb’s statement in Joshua 14:12...

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Our Nepalese Family | Navigate 2019

 In October of this year, Navigate adventure went on an extreme trek to Nepal. Our group of thirteen experienced everything from moving personal testimonies and breathtaking views of God’s creation to the physical challenge of hiking up mountains. One of the most...

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Fruit that Lasts

Christmas is a time where we indulge in festive foods and celebratory meals. As a boy, I remember that Christmas cake was an important delicacy and treasure in our family’s seasonal traditions. At least 8 weeks before Christmas my mum would buy all the ingredients...

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Fresh Hope Venues New Site

The Fresh Hope Venues strategy has clearly articulated a desire to expand our camping ministry beyond the heavily booked Tops facility at Stanwell Tops. Well, after years of research and investigation into numerous properties, Fresh Hope are acquiring...

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Fresh Hope’s $1m Grant to Plant

In a historic decision, Conference Executive has approved the release of $1 million to empower churches who want to pioneer new faith communities over the next three years. The funding, released through Fresh Hope Pioneering, will be used to assist...

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Volunteer Pastoral Care Graduation at Maitland

We had the privilege and honour on 8th October in commissioning our pastoral carers at Maitland. The volunteers have completed the nine-week spiritual care series that has given them a practical understanding of caring spiritually and emotionally for the...

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More Mission & Ministry Grants are available now!

The Mission & Ministry Grants Assessment Committee is pleased to report $53K in grants were approved to the following Fresh Hope churches in the second round of M&M Grants: Chatswood Church of ChristCoast Community ChurchForster Tuncurry Church of...

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Pioneering Towards Mental Wellness

Sometimes we set out to pioneer and other times we find we’re there, out on the edges. NationsHeart Christian Community is pioneering by its calling, “to worship God and serve the community”. Our community in Belconnen ACT, is on the edge, and being part...

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Navigating the Secular Age

As the Australian Government proposes a federal ‘Religious Discrimination Bill’ there is a degree of apprehension as to its likely impacts on churches and the many not-for-profit ministries operated by faith-based organisations. It’s hard to reconcile many...

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