We overcome by the blood of the lamb and the power of our testimony (Rev 12:11). We pray that our stories of transformation will encourage and energise you in your transformation journey with Christ; individually and in your spheres of influence.

Pioneering Towards Mental Wellness

Sometimes we set out to pioneer and other times we find we’re there, out on the edges. NationsHeart Christian Community is pioneering by its calling, “to worship God and serve the community”. Our community in Belconnen ACT, is on the edge, and being part...

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Navigating the Secular Age

As the Australian Government proposes a federal ‘Religious Discrimination Bill’ there is a degree of apprehension as to its likely impacts on churches and the many not-for-profit ministries operated by faith-based organisations. It’s hard to reconcile many...

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When Prayer Leads To Open Doors.

Mayfield Church of Christ is passionate about serving their local community. Their mission is to be a visible and relevant example of Jesus in the world. Back in 2015, some of the church members went for a prayer walk around their neighbourhood. One of the...

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Supervision Interrupts Practice

What is Pastoral Supervision? Why is it needed? “Supervision interrupts practice. It wakes us up to what we are doing. When we are alive to what we are doing, we wake up to what is, instead of falling asleep in the comfort stories of our routines and daily...

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Why Soup?

Ryan Clift is a community chaplain in Blaxland as well as the Mission Planter at Blaxland Church of Christ. A few months ago, their little church met at Dan’s Coffee Haus in Blaxland, and he asked the question “what would it look like to bring life in our...

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The analytical psychologist Carl Jung first introduced the idea of ‘Synchronicity’ in psychoanalysis as: events that are ‘meaningful coincidences’ that occur without causal relationship but seem to be meaningfully related. Sometimes in life, things seem to...

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Fresh Hope Discernment Team

Are you finding it difficult to see the next step in your vocation? Not sure which option or direction is the wisest? Do you have multiple options for the future, and they all seem good? The Fresh Hope discernment team is a group of skilled discerners who...

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SRE Sunday is almost here!

What is SRE Sunday?SRE Sunday is a day to celebrate and acknowledge the great work of SRE teachers in our local schools across New South Wales. It is also an opportunity to invite and inform our community about Christian SRE and its importance in schools...

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Fresh Hope Engage Winter Appeal

Homelessness is a growing issue in NSW. The causes of homelessness are varied and often complicated, but every homeless man, woman or child is loved by God and as a Christian movement, by caring for them we have a great opportunity to show the love of...

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The Wonder of Luminescence

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Churches, I was recently intrigued by this photo of the ‘Ghost Fungus’ (Omphalotus Nidiformis) – a bioluminescent wonder that pops up in Australia’s temperate forests each autumn. The mushroom’s glow is caused by the same...

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Engaging with Homelessness

Recently I visited Tweed Heads Church of Christ to facilitate a pastoral care training course. During my visit Pastor John Latta took me on a tour with a difference of the local community. We visited several caravan parks (some condemned but still...

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