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Our heart and intention is to share the Fresh Hope message as broadly as possible. While you may not be physically present at our conferences and events, you don’t need to miss out! We pray the audio and visual resources below will bless you on your Fresh Hope journey with Jesus.

Videos & podcasts

Daz Farrell – Collective Network Message January 2021


Fresh Hope Collective 2020 – Fulcrum

Faith or Folly – Dr Andrew Ball

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Here are some discussion questions to help facilitate conversations in your teams and within your churches. Click here.


See the Future - Be the Future - Dr Andrew Ball

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“Fulcrum encompasses the idea that we must leverage the church for a future space.  The unfolding global events of 2020 are akin to the tectonic plates shifting beneath the earth’s surface. I cannot overstate how much things are and continue to change within culture and society.

While it’s important to state or quantify our reality; what’s even more necessary is to acquire the wisdom to know how to respond. There are many options. Like levers, and it’s important to discern which one you pull for your particular context.

A lever when used as a fulcrum creates a purchase or pivot that produces more force and more impact. Without it you cannot move the object of focus. In our case the church is our object.”

Dr Andrew Ball

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