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Our heart and intention is to share the Fresh Hope message as broadly as possible. While you may not be physically present at our conferences and events, you don’t need to miss out! We pray the audio and visual resources below will bless you on your Fresh Hope journey with Jesus.

Videos & podcasts

Fresh Hope Collective 2016 – Beyond The Harbour

Session 1: The smell of the Sea – Dr Andrew Ball
Session 2: Stepping into the unknown – Steven Chong
Session 3: Culture Talks

Extraordinary stories of past conquest – Dennis Nutt

Stories of Engagement – Cultural Connection – Glen Clark
Frontier Stories of Life and Hope – Mike Hardie
Session 5: Failing beyond the harbour – Julian Dunham
Session 6: Persevering beyond the harbour – Julian Dunham
Session 7: Dreams & desires for a future destination – Dr. Andrew Ball

Here is a list of songs that were used in our worship times at Collective 2016:

In Your Light – Bethel Music 
You Make Me Brave – Bethel Music 
Christ is Enough – Hillsong Worship 
In God We Trust – Hillsong Worship 
O Praise the Name – Hillsong Worship 
This I Believe – Hillsong Worship 
Holy, Holy, Holy – Hymn
Captain – Hillsong United 
Relentless – Hillsong United 
Oceans – Hillsong United 
I Surrender – Hillsong Live 
How Great Thou Art – Hymn

Elizabeth Scott wrote & performed her new song “Beyond The Harbour” at Fresh Hope Collective, you can see lyrics here.


Steve Chong

Steve Chong is the founding leader and director of the RICE Movement, which is a large Asian based youth movement in Sydney that God is using in extraordinary ways to see young people come to know Jesus and be renewed in their faith.
Steve spent the last 7 years teaching the bible in his role as lead pastor of a church but now is in an itinerant preaching role, living by faith and speaking at different churches and events in Sydney, Australia and abroad. He is married to a Naomi and they have two boys and two girls all under the age of 7.

Julian Dunham

Julian’s calling is to train leaders. He’s an ‘Activator’, someone who makes things happen, a ‘Developer’; who recognises and cultivates the potential in others, and a ‘Maximiser’, transforming the strong into the superb. Julian believes that everything rises and falls on leadership, but everywhere he looks, he sees leaders plateau in their early thirties and not keeping pace with the complexity of their context. Above all else, he sees a desperate need for leaders to develop both their character and good habits for self-care.

Dr Andrew Ball

Andrew is currently the Executive Ministry Director of Fresh Hope (Churches of Christ in NSW) and Network Director of Southpoint Australia. He is married to Wendy and has three awesome children, who enjoy family life exploring God’s creation together. Currently, Andrew’s primary passion is to see the movement of Fresh Hope (Churches of Christ) resource the local church. Implicit in this approach are new resources to help churches major on spiritual leadership rather than programmed or corporate approaches to ministry. His doctoral thesis explored the notion of healthy spiritual leadership teams as it relates to ministers and elders working in teams.

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