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Nightingale Marrickville featured on A Current Affair

10 Jul, 2024

Our Nightingale Marrickville project has garnered tremendous interest in the public domain with positive stories from local and national press and numerous architectural and building award nominations and prizes. It’s a testament to the hard work of the team at Fresh Hope Communities, but also highlights a desperate need for affordable rentals in our city.

Whilst the interest has been encouraging and positive, when A Current Affair reached out to film a feature story, I was a little concerned.  Further conversations with the Producer led to a greater understanding that their newsroom was so impressed by everything they’d read and seen on Nightingale Marrickville that they wanted to do a feature on us as one of their ‘good news’ stories. We gladly obliged.

A few short weeks ago a crew made up of a Cameraman, a Sound Man and Nat Wallace—a Broadcast Journalist, swiftly put me at ease with their kindness and their warmth. They spent around five hours at Nightingale Marrickville filming the site and interviewing Fresh Hope Communities CEO, Dan Dwyer, Nightingale Housing CEO, Dan McKenna and two of our residents, Luke and Kim, who all shared the different challenges they’ve faced in the process of making Nightingale Marrickville home. And the final result was aired last night.

It’s a fantastic piece—one that shows our vision to create spaces that cultivate belonging and places that feel like home become a reality. And it’s worth checking out.  Watch the piece here

By Sam Buckerfield
General Manager
Corporate Communications