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Pendle Hill Development Update

The Pendle Hill project involves the staged redevelopment of the site into an intergenerational community providing seniors living residences, residential care services, affordable housing, community services and support and community-friendly spaces.

Latest News

  • We are currently in the pre-DA process of creating a new design concept and getting that ready for the Stage 1 DA lodgement with Cumberland City Council.
  • Staff, Residents and families at both Ashwood Residential Care Service and Pendle Hill Retirement Community and the local community have been communicated with over the last few weeks to inform them of the pre-DA lodgement process and to hear any questions or concerns.
  • We aim to submit the DA in June/July of 2023. We anticipate this DA approval can take up to 18 months.
  • We will continue to update this page with further information as it comes to hand.


1. Who is Fresh Hope Communities?


Fresh Hope Communities exists to create spaces that cultivate belonging.

Fresh Hope Communities was founded by the churches of Christ in NSW and ACT as its welfare and community works organisation. For nearly 90 years, Fresh Hope Communities has been providing quality support and lifestyle choices, across retirement, residential and respite settings, as well as conference and outdoor adventure facilities and experiences for local school and community groups.

2. What is Fresh Hope Communities planning for the site?


The Pendle Hill site is the first site at which the organisation provided community services—specifically to orphans, war widows and those ageing and unable to live independently. It has a longstanding connection and commitment with both the site and the community.

Fresh Hope Communities’ vision for this site is to enable residents to live their best lives within a community that is age friendly, greener, healthier and more sustainable through a better provision of accommodation options. 

Stage 1 of this proposed site redevelopment marks the beginning of Fresh Hope Communities’ journey into delivering Pendle Hill as a flagship development that, overall, provides seniors housing, community activation, open space, community services and support, as well as employment opportunities for the local community.

Fresh Hope Communities is currently preparing to lodge a Development Application (DA) for Stage 1 of the site redevelopment which will include:

  • New high quality Independent Living Units (ILUs) for those over 55.
  • A café directly next door to heritage-listed Ashwood House.
  • A Restoration Centre that provides a space for wellness and restorative activities through study, learning activities and purpose designed health and community programs.
  • Landscaped green open space that is open to the public and will feature children’s play equipment, outdoor dining facilities, shade, public art and pedestrian pathways through the site. 
  • Refurbishment and re-purposing of heritage-listed Dunmore House for community uses and support to encourage activities and gatherings for all ages.

To deliver some aspects of the new development in Stage 1 a number of existing buildings will need to be removed from the site including:

  • Shaw House and the Cole House behind Ashwood House; and the existing single storey buildings and pathways behind Dunmore House.
3. Will there be a formal public exhibition process?


Following lodgement, Cumberland City Council will put the development application on public exhibition. During this period, current and future residents and their families, staff and the local community can provide feedback on the proposed development by making a formal submission. The planning process is outlined below:

  • Pre-Lodgement Engagement (we are here).
  • Detailed Design Development.
  • Lodgement of Development Application to Cumberland City Council.
  • Cumberland City Council Officer Review.
  • Cumberland City Council publicly exhibits the Development Application and public consultation occurs.
  • Development Application is referred to the Sydney Central City Planning Panel as Regionally Significant Development for assessment.
  • Sydney Central City Planning Panel meets to review and assess development application (public meeting).
  • Sydney Central City Planning Panel issues determination of development application (approved or refused).
4. Where can I find out more information?


Project information will continue to be updated on this page including latest news and FAQs.

For all other enquiries, please reach out to the Fresh Hope Communities project team at [email protected] or fill out the enquiry form below.

5. How will the feedback I provide now impact the proposal?


Your feedback will inform the proposal in several ways:

  • Feedback will be recorded and provided to the project team to inform refinements to the proposal before lodgement.
  • Feedback will be included in a Consultation Outcomes Report that will be submitted along with the proposal when lodged with Council.
6. When will I get the chance to review the proposal in detail, and will I be notified by Council?


Once the proposed development application has been lodged, Council will make the documentation available to the public as part of the formal public exhibition process. This will provide an opportunity for the community to review all submitted documentation and help them prepare formal submissions to Council.

It is generally up to Council to decide how and whom to notify as part of the formal public exhibition process.

7. Who else is being consulted on this project?


Fresh Hope Communities is currently undertaking consultation with current residents of the existing Fresh Hope services as well as their families and staff. Fresh Hope Communities  is also engaging with neighbours to the site, local representatives and other nearby community groups and organisations to share the key planning principles being developed by the design team and listen to their views.

During this process, Cumberland City Council and several other government agencies have also been consulted.

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