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New additions to Greenstead Valley

2 Aug, 2022

July has been a month of new arrivals at Greenstead Valley, Joadja. In addition to the purchase of seven Heifers late last year along with their young steers, we received the additional surprise of three new calves born in the last few weeks. Our three new arrivals, two girls and a boy, brings our illustrious herd to 18.

While we were expecting pure Black Angus calves, we were intrigued when at the time of arrival ‘speckled’ little ones emerged!

The cattle form part of a growing picture unfolding at the property. They contribute not only to the aesthetic value of the farm, but also provide much-needed assistance in pasture management. With so much pasture to manage, the plan is to build the herd with a breeding program that will further assist with pasture management, while providing an income stream through cattle sales over time. We are looking to further expand the livestock on site with the introduction of sheep to some areas of the property in the coming months. New paddocks are being established to house the sheep which will be closer to the main homestead. Like cattle, the sheep will also add to the farm experience at the property and will become integral to the attraction to the property, particularly for guests as we look to expand in the future.