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Residents Bootcamp at Green Hills Residential Care Service

14 Jul, 2022

At Green Hills Residential Care Service, the residents love to stay active and enjoy doing what they can to remain fit and well. In addition to the already established walking groups and exercise programs on offer, we initiated some new forms of exercise programs, one being our Resident Bootcamp.

The Resident Bootcamp is run Monday to Friday at 11am and incorporates a range of seated exercises to some lively tunes. It aims to stretch various muscle groups, get the blood flowing, improve cardiovascular function, increase range of motion, but most importantly to have fun. While a 15-minute Bootcamp doesn’t sound like a lot, residents and staff alike, all get a sweat on and the heart rate up!

Various members of the Green Hills staff lead the Bootcamp giving residents more variety and a slightly different approach to the program each day. With a list of exercises to choose from, the leader decides on the exercises and the format of the program for the session. You may see them “stirring the pot”, “milking the cow” and “swinging the lasso” just to name a few of the favourite moves.  It’s a great way for staff not usually involved in direct resident care to connect with the residents in such a positive way.

The Bootcamp also gives residents an opportunity to socialise and have a laugh together, fostering inclusion and a point of connection that can lead to more positive interactions in other areas.

Bootcamp has been running now for over two months with anywhere between six to twelve residents actively participating and we’re hopeful this will continue to gain momentum at Green Hills.